valheim android-Vikings of Valheim(No Ads)

valheim android-Vikings of Valheim(No Ads)

Version: 0.4.0

adout valheim android-Vikings of Valheim(No Ads)

Version 0.4.0

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valheim android Welcome to Vikings of Valheim raid game!
Are you ready to become a true Viking clan leader? Take your army and set off on a raid attack. Fight against your enemies, conquer their islands and steal loot to upgrade your army in this cutting game.
All you need in this Viking game is to attack your enemy's island and develop your team. Moor your raft, land your Viking squad on the island and begin your raid. Smash all the enemies, cut trees, and carry as much wood as you can from the island. Use this wood to craft your raft and make it bigger and faster.
Gather food to upgrade your team and hire the strongest Vikings in the game. Make your raft crew bigger. Those Vikings are both fighters and lumberjacks. The bigger your team is, the more loot and food you can get from the enemy's island.
Your Vikings are brave and fearless, but it will be hard for them to compete without good ammunition. Collect gold on the island and upgrade Vikings' armor. Your team should be strong and well-armed to serve you well and capture the island faster in the lumberjack game.
The further you go, the more lands you can inhabit. Complete levels while playing the game to unlock new lands. Develop your rafts to travel longer distances. Hire more Vikings and lumberjacks to complete levels faster in this game.
Create a big raft and Viking army, conquer islands and lead your team to glory in Vikings of Valheim raid game!——Uploaded by the user

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valheim android Vikings of Valheim(No Ads)

  • Version:0.4.0 _ Size:158.7MB
  • Category:Action _ Publisher:CASUAL AZUR GAMES
  • Requirements:Android 5.0 + _ Publish Date:29/01/2022
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